Welcome to the website of the Rio Verde Community Foundation, an IRS 501(c)(3) Public Charitable Foundation for Rio Verde and the surrounding community. EIN 82-3791959

Why a Community Foundation ?

Community Foundations help build and strengthen a community, bringing together people and organizations that want to make a difference.  As a tax-exempt public charity, we support philanthropy and are dedicated to improving the quality of life in Rio Verde and the surrounding community.  The development and operation of the Foundation are guided by our mission and vision.

Mission – To manage and distribute charitable donations to projects and activities that enhance life in Rio Verde and the surrounding community

Vision – An established charitable giving culture that sustains and enhances the quality of life in Rio Verde and the surrounding community

We Can Make a Difference

Our grants will support current and future activities and projects within our community.  Your contributions will be put to use improving and sustaining the quality of life within Rio Verde and the surrounding community

Give Where You Live

Rio Verde is full of community pride. We hail from New Hampshire to British Columbia, Ontario to California and everywhere in between. Some of us spend a few weeks or months a year here while many are full time residents. When you Give Where You Live, you show your love and dedication to our community and become an important part of our impact.  Your gifts may become part of our permanent endowment which means they will continue to benefit our community now and into the future.

Partner with Us

Help us create lasting and meaningful change for the causes you are most passionate about.

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