Your gifts to the Rio Verde Community Fund may be directed to several types of funds.

Community Impact Funds

This type fund gives the RVCF the greatest flexibility to address emerging community needs.  These funds will be distributed through our grant application and review process.

Field of Interest Funds

These funds support targeted areas of interest such as the arts, environment, health and human services, fitness and recreation and education.

Donor Advised Funds

These funds allow the donor to direct grants to qualified organizations and projects of their choice.

Special Project Funds

These funds are established as temporary funds to support a special project.

Current Active Funds

RVCF Community Fund, a Community Impact Fund

Rio Verde Employee and Dependent Scholarship Fund

Verdes Charity Roundup Fund, a Donor Advised Fund

CRC Fund, a Donor Advised Fund

How to Start a Fund

Any individual or group may contact the RVCF Board of Directors to discus starting a fund.

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