Reasons for Giving

People may contribute for a variety of reasons. They might give to memorialize a person or celebrate an event in someone’s life, while others prefer the estate-planning route or tax management. Some will give to support a specific fund or project.

Contributions may be made to support an existing Foundation fund or project, or you may want to establish a new fund. Your contribution is always welcome for these and any other reason. Be assured that your donation will be put to a good purpose, improving the quality of our lives as well as others.

Types of Gifts Accepted

Cash, Checks, Securities, Real Estate, Through Wills and Bequests, Life Insurance Policies, Charitable Trusts

How to Give

Please send your donations to: Rio Verde Community Foundation, 18816 Four Peaks Boulevard, Rio Verde, Arizona 85263. You may also contact any Board member to arrange a transfer.

Note: In all gifts you should consult your legal, investment and/or tax consultant about transferring property and the tax consequences of doing so. The RVCF Board of Directors are not qualified to give advice in these matters.

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